Tuesday, 9 March 2010

new poll | causes of world journalism in crisis

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The latest poll - causes of world journalism in crisis :

Is the crisis coming from inside journalism - or from outside?

JICC speaks to clear positions, while enabling other points of view.  Our latest poll is public, so distribute link above via networks. 

Let's get this participation started!


JICC now has more than 100 members!

An encouraging start to a scorching hot topic across world journalism and news media arenas.

Debate surrounding world journalism in crisis strikes to the heart of planetary futures and development issues - about how much we as global citizens get told about our own affairs, finances and democratic participation.


Taking on something like a world crisis is daunting.

JICC is still very much in the early stages of building membership, and concerns behind this cause are not going away anytime soon.

For now, joining JICC on Facebook, or at DevNet is enough to attract attention and build interest. 


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