Friday, 5 February 2010

Facebook adds world changing news source feed

Last Friday, Facebook encouraged its users to make their own personalized news channel by creating a list of all the news outlets of which they've become a fan. The tech blog ReadWriteWeb — which has been remarkably perceptive on the implications of Facebook's statements lately — noted that while a Facebook news feed couldn't hold up to a news junkie's RSS feed, it has the potential to become a "world-changing subscription platform" for mainstream users because of its ubiquity, sociality and accessibility. (He makes a pretty compelling case.)

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Roosevelt Island: Thoughts On the Future of Journalism | Journalism
By admin
Future of Journalism? I hesitate to think of another topic which has been so widely discussed, so horribly hashed and rehashed, without reaching any sort of concrete conclusion. What will the industry look like in 5, 10, 20 years.
Journalism -
JICC: future of journalism a polite euphemism
By avaiki nius agency
journalism in crisis coalition ... INMA: The future of newspapers and newspapers of the future. INMA is the world's leading provider of global best practices and marketing ideas for newsmedia companies looking to grow amid profound market change. the future of journalism ... The Future of News » Blog Archive » The Credit Economy? The Future of News. Journalism innovation, leadership, research and editorial product development. Latest Posts. The Credit Economy? ...
Roosevelt Island: Thoughts On the Future of Journalism
future of news and journalism, lies in the diversification of the great middle section, how news and the people who need it come together. The great innovations in news over the last 50 years, cable news, the rise of the pundit and ...
Roosevelt Island -
The 'present' of journalism: diagnosing problems « The Future of ...
By Seth C. Lewis
Future of Journalism. A class blog for J349T Writing for Online Publication, in the School of Journalism at UT-Austin. Blog · About this class · About the instructor. « Here Comes Everybody · The 'present' of journalism: diagnosing ...
The Future of Journalism -
Global Debate: PBS To Launch Major New Debate Program
By Alfred Charles Snider
The experts engage in lively debates on issues such as drug use and its decriminalization, the effect of corporate farming on public health, the costs of U.S. military presence abroad and the
future of journalism in the Internet age. ...
Global Debate -
Colorado Springs Business Journal » Blog Archive » My buy-logical ...
By Lon Matejczyk
There is no doubt that the
future of newspapers must include the Internet but doggone it, people need to pay to get the valuable information newspapers provide. You know that free CSBJ Daily e-mail that comes from the hardworking ...
Colorado Springs Business Journal -
Craig Smith's Blog: On A Rainy Day, Some People Are All Wet
By craigsmithsblog
LA Times columnist James Rainey, who was here last summer for the
Future of Journalism panel that I moderated, has a piece in today's paper about the disappearing barrier that divides advertising and news. ...
Craig Smith's Blog -
Progressives, South Bend: Truthout 2/4
By Donvila
Laura Flanders, GRITtv: "Discussions on the
future of journalism are happening so often now that they're almost trite. But Robert McChesney, John Nichols, Tracy Van Slyke and Kate Giammarise are not only interested in saving journalism; ...
Progressives, South Bend -
Winsted man facing slew of misdemeanor charges- The Register ...
The internet is the future of newspapers, print is dying. Maybe you good folks at the RC could spend a little more time making sure the articles on your website are readable, make sense, and convey the professionalism that needs to be ...
News from -
The Future Journalist: Thoughts from Two Generations | ...
By linkdor
Predicting the
future of journalism at any of those points would have resulted in a lot of wrong predictions back then. While we are sure many of our predictions are going to be wrong in specifics, we have the chutzpah to presume they ... Blog -
dmbosstone: Why I Don't Read Magazines Anymore
By The Definitive Live Journal
While people already argue about the
future of newspapers, I wonder how the magazine industry is going to fare in comparison. Will it die out like newspapers or does it stand a chance to survive? Recently people had said that the iPad ...
The Definitive LiveJournal -
This Week in Review: Google's new features, what to do with the ...
By Mark Coddington
[Every Friday, Mark Coddington sums up the week's top stories about the
future of news and the debates that grew up around them. —Josh]. A gaggle of Google news items: Unlike the past several weeks with their paywall and iPad ...
Nieman Journalism Lab -

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